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    ADK STAB FP-2100J

    ADK STAB FP-2100J is a nitrogen/phosphorus-based, halogen free flame retardant for polyolefins. ADK STAB FP-2100J is an intumescent system showing excellent flame retardency with retention of mechanical properties.

    ADK STAB FP-2100J is considered to represent a technical breakthrough in flame retardants for PP in particular.

    properties - adeka palmarole - polymer Properties

    - White powder
    - Thermal decomposition > 270°C

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    properties - adeka palmarole - polymer Features and Applications

    Effects & Performance

    - Low heat release
    - Very low smoke release and very low smoke density
    - Very low CO & CO2 emissions
    - No corrosive gases
    - Homogeneous char layer with closed cell structure
    - Negligible emission of poisonous combustion gases and in particular CO, HCN, NOx and PH3

    Material Performance

    - Good heat stability = wide processing window
    - No antagonism with HALS = good light stability
    - Excellent colour stability
    - Superior water resistance
    - Significantly lower loading compared to Al-trihydrate and Mg-hydroxide
    - Reduced density of final compound compared to inorganic and  halogen based solutions
    - Lower loading in comparison to conventional ammonium polyphosphates
    - In accordance to RoHS & WEEE
    - Recommended for PP, PE and EVA and other polyolefin based compounds

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